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by Gara in New York, , United States

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Help me and my all trans team take my hour of stand up dance comedy to the biggest arts platform in the world - Edinburgh Fringe.

by Gara in New York, , United States

A love letter to unique upbringings, self-discovery and devoted fathers. An hour of cinematic sensation from stand-up dance comedian Gara complete with musical numbers, dancing wrestlers and 80s camp. 

Welcome. Welcome to The Big Show.



This show is the story of my artistic upbringing. 

My dad moved my family from Iowa to NYC 8 years ago. He was a former midwestern wrestling coach who had turned his devotion to coaching his (then) daughter through the NYC comedy scene. 

After years of driving me to late night sets and arguing over the phone about "joke form" I shifted his interest to performance art and spent the next eight years dancing, king-ing and singing through some of NYC's most iconic stages like MoMa Ps1, Ars Nova and La Mama. 

Greg, my dad, my coach, was my biggest fan, my loudest cheerleader and my harshest critic.

And now, I’ve written this show, this big show, as a love letter to my unique wresting upbringing, my past year of self discovery, and my ever devoted father, who I had actually been writing this show with before he passed away suddenly of a brain aneurism. The show is ready to go, the stage is set, and now I need your help to make it happen. 

So what’s all this money for?

The Edinburgh Fringe is the world’s largest platform for work like this, and I have a slot booked at a prestigious venue for the month long run. But it’s really, really expensive, especially as an international artist.

Also: I am not doing this show alone! From my producer, to dancers, to technicians - I am hiring an all Trans team to help me tell this incredible story with all of the bells and whistles it deserves. 

Where will my money go?

These are approximate costs, but here is a rough breakdown of the current ask (in both £ and $) 

  • £1000 / $1256 - flights to and from Edinburgh Fringe 
  • £1300 / $1633 - registration costs for the Fringe 
  • £2500 / $3142 - marketing for the run eg flyers, posters, adverts on social media
  • £1200 / $1508 - set and technical costs (microphones! lights!)
  • £1000 / $1256 - PR for the show (reviews, filming, photos)

As you can see, this is our core production costs. 

To pay our team, we are relying on other things such as further subsidy, private investment, box office sales, but these things are so much more possible if we can cover our core costs and relieve the pressure on the production with your donations.

If we reach our goal, the extra £5k in stretch goal, taking us to £12k total, will go directly towards paying the fees of the core team for the month of the Fringe (myself, 2x dancers, technician, producer).

I know money is tight, and that this is a big ask. Please look at the rewards on the side if you consider donating as you can get some pretty cool things (!!) and know that by donating to this crowdfund you are directly supporting my artistic work. I am so grateful. 

- Gara.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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£80 ($100) Reward

VIDEO MESSAGE! Gara will send you a personalised video thank you (max 30 seconds), as a thank you Plus: signed poster, digital shout out, credited supporter on website

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My everlasting thanks and love to you kind people

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Credit: You will become a credited supporter on my (Gara Lonning) website for the show! Thank you!

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You get a SOCIAL MEDIA SHOUTOUT from Gara AND be listed as a credited supporter on the website!

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SIGNED POSTER! We will send you a signed Welcome To The Big Show poster from the whole team, plus social media shoutout and credited as supporter on website!

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DIGITAL DOWNLOAD REWARD - receive a digital download of the show (plus any bonus content Gara films at Fringe) direct to your inbox to watch any time Plus social media shoutout + credit on website

£500 or more

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£500 ($628) Reward

THE DANCE REWARD - Gara and choreographer J Gash will choreograph a routine to a song of your choice and perform it for you in an extra special video! Plus the contents of the digital download bundle, social media shoutout, and credit.

£1,000 or more

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£1000 ($1256) Reward

*Early Bird Special* - Associate Producer Credit. Get exclusive access to Welcome To The Big Show content in NYC or UK. We will send you a signed script, regular video updates from in the rehearsal room, exclusive invites to workshops & performances, and more!

£5,000 or more

£5000 ($6282) Reward

LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION - For £5000, you can get Gara to come and perform Welcome To The Big Show at a location of your choice. Seriously. What could go wrong? (We’ve made this reward unlimited, go nuts. He needs the bookings) (Plus Associate Producer Credit)

£12,000 or more

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£12000 ($15000) Reward

BECOME GARA: Look, if you give us the whole ask, you can come and be Gara in one performance of Welcome To The Big Show at Edinburgh Fringe. We will bring you to Edinburgh, teach you the choreo, and let you perform the show!

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