About FringeMakers

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society and Crowdfunder have teamed up to help support Fringe venues and artists to raise vital funds in the absence of a Fringe this year.   

The Fringe Society is the charity that exists to support every aspect of the Fringe – from producing the programme and running the central box office, to year-round support for artists and venues who want to take part. With no Fringe as we know it in 2020, we wanted to create a place where Fringe artists and venues could raise vital funds to support them through the festival season and beyond.  

The Fringe not taking place for the first time in 73 years is a huge blow to so many people and has a far-reaching effect on the cultural landscape as a whole. The thousands of artists and venues who make up the Fringe really need your help and support to ensure we can come back stronger than ever in 2021. These people Make Your Fringe and we need to help them. We estimate at least £21m loss across the festival, before you even take account of wider impact on Edinburgh, Scotland and the UK, as well as the wider arts and cultural sector.  

FringeMakers supports artists and venues at all stages of their Fringe journey, from first time Fringe performers to the long-established venue, there's a project here to suit all interests. So, go explore, find your favourites, and do something incredible to support those people and comapines who make your Fringe each year.