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What is crowdfunding?

In this time of crisis crowdfunding is an effective way to raise money for great ideas from the people around you.  

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How Crowdfunder and FringeMakers can help

Why Crowdfunder?

Crowdfunder has created the highly successful crisis funding model that is working so well for so many small businesses and community projects. FringeMakers is a campaign to support the vibrant community of fringe performers and live venues. Together we want to play our part by doing what we can to help everyone associated with the Fringe Festival through this difficult period. 

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way to raise money for good ideas. At a time when the Edinburgh Fringe Festival would have been an important part of your performance calendar, FringeMakers is working with Crowdfunder to help fringe artists and venues get through this exceptionally difficult period by offering 100% free fundraising using the Crowdfunder platform. 

How do I create a FringeMakers project?

Use the Get Started button below and begin the step by step flow to build your story and launch your project page. Describe how you would usually be part of the Fringe Festival and state a reasonable target based on the money you need to get you through this period. Don’t be over ambitious and very importantly, use the rewards section to sell tickets to events as well as promotional products or anything  you wish to sell now which your audience can enjoy now or redeem in the future. 

Is FringeMakers right for you?

If the disruption to the fringe festival season is hurting you financially then yes! It’s easy to set up a crowdfunding campaign and be live in minutes giving you an instant audience to offer promotional purchases and even sell tickets to live streaming events using rewards. You can use your page to create rewards and sell vouchers to redeem against a future performance once the world is back to normal. rewards can be used for any kind of creative idea and have already been super successful in helping thousands of businesses and community projects to keep going during this unprecedented time. FringeMakers is using the same idea to help performance artists support themselves while all usual fringe events are on hold. 

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Step by step


Step 1 

Get started and tell us about what you are fundraising for. Did you have a Fringe show registered and ready to go? Are you a venue who houses the amazing artists who come to Edinburgh each year?


Step 2 

Time to tell the world! Share your story and let us know if you are selling tickets to your virtual show. We can help shout out about you and your work.


Step 3 

Receive vital funds and help secure the future of your fringe let us know if you are selling tickets to your virtual show and we’ll help if we can.

Ready to get started?