Sobriety on the rocks

by Renee Buckland in Loughton, Essex, United Kingdom

Sobriety on the rocks


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A battleground with one actor, four characters, and a drunk driving accident involving a teenage mutant ninja turtle watch.

by Renee Buckland in Loughton, Essex, United Kingdom

New stretch target

I hope to use the money to push 'Sobriety on the rocks' to further communities. To potentially tour this show to smaller communities where access to the arts that talk about social issues maybe be less.

Sobriety on the rocks

A one-woman piece, set in New Zealand inspired by real events and conversations had with an alcoholic and his family.

I wanted to create a piece that shares light on the non-stereotypical alcoholic. One who doesn't get abusive or aggressive. An alcoholic who simply just-drinks. An alcoholic who drinks until there is no hour on the 24-hour clock that they are sober and what kind of person that looks like, what their family looks like, and how they all are impacted by it.

My piece is minimal set and props. It uses the stories and movement pieces to portray the anger, rage, and sadness that comes with choosing to take a sip and the impact of it. 

The use of setting it in New Zealand and the kiwi nuances of speech and dialogue are to be refreshing to UK audiences and open audiences' eyes to another culture. While at the same time remaining relatable and engaging through the very universal topic of alcoholism.

The money raised will help to deliver the show to audiences at the fringe. Covering transport, venue hire, and worker fees. 

By making a donation to support a piece that is universal and discusses' social issues will not only benefit the cast & crew of 'Sobriety on the rocks' but will also educate and enlighten audience members on the topic of this ever-growing epidemic.

“All the ingredients that make up the cocktail of sobriety have been shaken, stirred, drunk, and spat out” -  (Sobriety on the rocks)


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