Paper Swans

by Vyte Garriga in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Support Lithuanian female theatre maker in premiering her play about growing up in the post- Soviet Union and its impact on an individual.

by Vyte Garriga in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Hello all,

My name is Vyte. Not in my wildest dreams I thought about taking my own piece to the Fringe. But it's happening...

A bit about myself:

I was born in the Soviet Lithuania but we got independent 9 months later, so I grew up in a country that went from the oppression regime to having to discover itself and its place in the world.

I moved to London when I graduated from school  fifteen years ago and haven't left since. 

Paper Swans:

"In a closed park at night, a security guard finds a young woman in a ballet dress, making paper swans. In trying to find out what she is doing, he locks them in a continuous never-ending loop."

'Paper Swans' is my first play, which I wrote as a response to the theatre industry in the UK - I wanted to challenge the stereotype surrounding the East European identity and give us a voice.

I sent the play to the Royal Court describing it as a blend between 'Waiting for Godot' and 'The Black Swan' and they were considering it for a year. 

After that, I showed it to Simon Gleave and the artistic director of Flabbergast Theatre- Henry Maynard- they loved the piece and agreed to help me workshop it.

We presented the WIP (which was also supported by ACE) at Camden People's Theatre as a part of SPRINT festival in 2022. At the same time the war in the Ukraine started, so it could not have meant more to us and anyone else. The feedback we got was astonishing:

"A beautifully written and beautifully savage performance" - David Glass, David Glass Ensemble; 

"It was so funny! Shocking, touching, playful and funny" - Ian Morgan, RADA 

"Such a rich, such a thought-provoking play. Vyte and Daniel were both so terrifyingly brilliant!" -  Nina Romančíková, NDT Broadgate (Events and Venue Manager);

"I thought the absurdist form of the piece was so confident and well executed, it felt true to 20th century European absurdism. The concept was also beautiful. You’ve left me feeling very inspired and I hope the show continues to have a long and beautiful journey!" Claudia Marciano, Theatre Re (Performer, Choreographer);

What an achievement- bringing Absurd Theatre into the 21st century with pain, violence and humour. Really impressive.” - Peta Lily (performer, theatre maker)

And now, 2 yeas later,  Flabbergast Theatre and the Pleasance approached me offering to help me to make an official premiere of the play at the Fringe.

And that is where I need your help:

Going to the Fringe is expensive and I'm working really hard with the support of Flabbergast in trying to budget the project. But the savings I have are not enough to cover all the costs and hence I'm asking for your help. Your support would allow us to afford a reasonable accommodation, nutrition, a chance to rehearse the piece before the official opening and properly market it to attract the audience it deserves.

Asking for money is not an easy thing to do but I (and the whole 'Paper Swans' team) believe in the piece and its relevance to the climate we live in and any support in helping us to make it happen would be extremely appreciated. 

Thank you so much and see you at the Fringe!


"The Guard. Why does everything have to have a reason?

The Girl. Because everything has."    ('Paper Swans', Vyte Garriga)


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The Girl and The Guard

She's alone in the park making paper swans. He tries to understand why. This reward will give you a little clue of what happens next.

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Paper Swans

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