Help Us Take Dreamsick to the Edinburgh Fringe

by Nat Norland in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

We did it
On 8th July 2022 we successfully raised £1,440 with 36 supporters in 28 days

We're asking for funding to take our current show, Dreamsick, to the Edinburgh fringe!

by Nat Norland in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


We’re trying to raise some money to get our show, Dreamsick, up to the Edinburgh fringe. While it’s an invaluable place to showcase work, Edinburgh is a crazy expensive festival to play at, especially with short term rents just going up and up. So we really need your help to make it up there.

Any help at all is appreciated! Sterling based of course, but just sharing the crowdfunder and spreading the word would be a huge help too.

Why do we want to get to Edinburgh?

A few reasons! Edinburgh is the UK’s bigest arts festival, and a really good place to get work seen, both by new audiences but also crucially by programmers and reviewers, which is really important to us as early career makers. This is how we build relationships with new venues, and expand our network of support into the coming years.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, or at least in the aftermath of any social acknowledgement that there is a pandemic, we feel there’s a need to try and regain momentum and reestablish our presence on the … scene. Developing Dreamsick during the pandemic required a huge amount of graft, as well as a generous grant from the Mead Foundation – but in order to make that work worthwhile, we need to jump at this chance to find new audiences.

We want people to see the show, because we think it’s an important piece of work in the current moment. It tackles the issue of gender identity in a way that is soft and introspective, as well as tangling it up with anxieties about the future in interesting ways.


What actually is the show?

Dreamsick is a solo performance. There’s a bit of dance in it, and quite a bit of music, and quite a lot of storytelling. It’s quite gentle and quite sad.

This is probably our best attempt to sum up the show:

An architect in San Francisco draws portraits of people as buildings, Elon Musk plans his colony on Mars, and a woman, walking her dog, encounters an angel.

With lyrical storytelling, fragile image-making and meticulous sound, Dreamsick is a nocturne of memories, dreams and visions. A solo performance about the losing of hope, the architecture of gender, the act of transformation, the construction of the future.

Which I think takes in most of it.

What will the money go towards?

Here’s a list!

  • Accommodation
  • Travel and set transportation
  • Marketing
  • Posters and Print
  • Rights for Music
  • Technicians and operators
  • Sourcing some fresh props and set pieces

These are all pretty unavoidable we think – we need somwhere to live while we’re there, we need to get up there somehow, we need to get people to come to the show, and we need the show to be operational when they do come.

Who are we?

Dreamsick is being put on by a team of 2:

Nat Norland is a writer, performer and composer. They have shown work at venues including The Space, The Wickham Theatre, The Warwick Arts Centre, CLF Peckham, The Wardrobe, and Camden People’s Theatre. They have written music for Here Comes the Sun by Joseph Morgan Schofield at CPT, and Days– And Counting, an online exhibition for OH! Open House in Singapore. They have had poetry published or exhibited by The Poetry Society, The Buxton Festival, and Wildfire Words. They are an associate artist of Emergency Chorus. They’re @natnorland on twitter.

Ben Kulvichit is a director and performance maker, and co-Artistic Director of Emergency Chorus, who were named one of the five best young theatre companies in the UK by The Guardian in 2018. He has developed and shown work at and with organisations including New Diorama, Bristol Old Vic, Cambridge Junction, Warwick Arts Centre, VAULT Festival, HOME, Third Angel and Sheffield Theatres. As a freelance performer, dramaturg and lighting designer he has collaborated with artists including YESYESNONO, Nathan Ellis, Ava Wong Davies and Jack Bradfield (Poltergeist Theatre). He also works as a critical writer and as National Reviews Editor for Exeunt Magazine. He’s @B_kulvichit on twitter.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

A thank you on social media

Thanks so much for your support! We'll tell the whole internet that we think you're cool and nice and generally better than other people.

£20 or more

A copy of the script

Thank you thank you! As a thank you, we'll send you as a copy of the script (probably as a pdf, to avoid tree mass murder) so you can reenact the show yourself in your front room. However if anyone sees you do this, even pets, we reserve the right to sue you for violating the EULA.

£40 or more

3 of 15 claimed

Some poetry

We're so grateful to you! One poem's worth of grateful. Nat, the writer, will write you a poem as a thank you. Not a thank you poem, as they're actually harder to write than poems about stuff. We might ask you what stuff you'd like the poem to be about. We guarantee it will be poem enough to make your heart sing just a little.

£60 or more

1 of 10 claimed

A Little Song

Nat (who also composed the music in Dreamsick) will write you a little song as a big thank you! We might ask you to tell them a little about yourself so they know what to write. It will be short, but it will be a proper song with emotions and everything.

£80 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Signed script with extra scenes

Thank you for your incredibly generous support! We'll send you a signed copy of the script, and also an appendix containing cut scenes, and some preliminary written material, so you can see how the script took shape. Some of the preliminary material is raunchy, and some of it is the complete lyrics to 'Human' by The Killers. We cannot reveal more at this stage.

£100 or more

1 of 10 claimed

Tears of an artist

We feel so grateful we could cry. Nat will cry for you, and then bottle their tears in a small vial and send it to you in the post. Could make a suitable substitute for holy water in a pinch. Ingestion not recommended.

£150 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Stems and Patches

Want a look into how the sound for the show was made? We'll send you all the stems to the audio tracks, and patches for all the sounds made with an emulated modular synthesiser, so you can explore the sound world from the inside. Unpick us! Plagiarise us! Ruthlessly criticise our patching techniques!

£250 or more

0 of 4 claimed


Thank you so much for your incredible generosity. In return, we will give you Everything. By which we mean all the other rewards, altogether, apart from the one involving hazardous radioactive material. We'll also buy you a drink, if you'd like. Which admittedly cancels out probably about 0.025% of your donation. But for you? Anything. 0.025% of anything.

£3,500 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Highly Enriched Uranium

A 150g sphere of highly enriched uranium. Packaged extremely unsafely. Only 1% of what you'll need for a functional atomic bomb. But at almost half market price? We have governments on the phone, we have UN inspectors at the door – snap it up quick!

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