Help SKETCHY get to Edinburgh Fringe!

by Thirsty Productions in Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Help SKETCHY get to Edinburgh Fringe!

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Thirsty Productions are making their Edinburgh Fringe debut with their new show SKETCHY and we need your help us get there!

by Thirsty Productions in Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Why We Need Your Help 

Over the last three years, Thirsty Productions has been working to build a reputation in the world of comedy and specifically sketch comedy. Our first show ‘Quench’ debuted at VAULT Festival last year to fantastic reviews and we are now ready to take our comedy skills on the road to Edinburgh Fringe Festival with our new show SKETCHY. Directed by BAFTA winning Akaash Meeda (G’WED, MAN LIKE MOBEEN and MOBILITY), this is a full length show of weird and wonderful sketches, absurd characters, scenarios and spoofs.

Our Writer and Producer


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The festival is an incredible opportunity to perform work to a range of audiences, build connections with the industry and to find future partners for the show. It is also incredibly expensive, with the average show costing £13,000 to take. By some careful budgeting and our incredible team working in kind, we are making some big savings – but we still know that we probably won’t make a profit from the run. 

However, with your help, we can avoid making a loss. We are reaching out to friends, family, businesses and individuals to explore sponsorship and donations, and we are keeping everything crossed that our community can join us in getting this funny little show to Scotland! 

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We are aiming to raise £3000, which will be split between areas such as marketing, accommodation and travel. There is more information on our budgeting breakdown below, however, we want you to know that by donating, whether that’s big or small, notes or coins, the money will go to supporting the development of arts in the UK, some really hard workers and the most important thing – making people laugh. Comedy is at the heart of everything that Thirsty Productions do, and, with your help, we can spread a little joy even further.  

How We'll Spend the money 

Our spending breakdown is as follows - 

Accommodation: 45% 

Accommodation during Edinburgh Fringe is famously expensive. However, in true Thirsty style, we will be getting into the spirit of the festival and the whole team will be staying in a group room in a hostel. We can’t wait for the bunk beds!  

Marketing: 41% 

Marketing is a crucial part of a theatre show’s budget. As we are only at the fringe for a week, it’s vital that people hear about our show and that we stand out from the other 3000 shows that will also be performing. We have an experienced team, who have previously produced shows in London, Edinburgh and the South West and have created a marketing strategy including social media, posters, and collaboration with similar shows. Money raised will help with printing costs and paid flyering staff.  

Travel: 8% 

Our artists and creatives are based all around the UK, from Manchester to Exeter and will need to travel up to rehearsals and the actual festival run. Considering this, and our desire to make the show as sustainable as possible, we will be using public transport for all journeys. Where appropriate, group tickets and advance tickets will be purchased to lower the costs as much as possible.  

Production support: 5% 

The Thirsty Production team is doing as much of the work as possible themselves. However, we will require someone to run the technical aspects of the performance and it’s important to us that they are paid for their time.  

Any additional funds raised will be used towards the delivery of the show and to support the cast and creative team.  

Contact Details 

If you'd like to talk to us more about our Edinburgh Fringe production, as well as other Thirsty projects, please contact our producer Grace Plant. We would also be delighted to hear from any organisations or individuals who may be interested in sponsoring or donating larger sums to the show - please contact Grace for guidance on how to do so and sponsorship perks!  

Email: [email protected] 


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Wow – could you be a bigger SKETCHY fan?! As a thank you for this, we are delighted to offer you all of the above, tickets for an Edinburgh performance (*dependent on availability) and a half day workshop with our fantastic creative team – including BAFTA Award winning director Akaash Meeda.

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