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by Upfront Theatre in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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The answer to all of your sapphic dreams is coming to the Edinburgh Fringe... but we need to raise the funds to make it happen!

by Upfront Theatre in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Inspired by Real Events...

After reminiscing with a childhood friend about our embarrassing discoveries (and deep denials... the hoops we would jump through) of our queerness, a funny little idea was born. Us musical theatre gays simply hadn't yet been blessed with anything which accurately portrayed how cringeworthy our existence truly is. Like, who let us do that?! Where were the Gods of Sapphic Desire to guide us when we needed them most?

And then it turned out other queers started saying "WAIT YES! That's so accurate!! I thought that was just me being a mess?!" and so a modest song cycle born from a handful of personal experiences somehow snowballed into an entire musical. It had one goal in mind: to inject some much needed humour and light into the sapphic community. So often, stories about us tend to veer towards the tragic. Whilst we all love a good angsty, forbidden affair between two ultra-serious artisté lesbians, we're simply not all that cultured, are we? Where's the representation for the completely basic barista queer who uses humour as a coping strategy for their trauma? Well, to fill the gap in the market for authentic, comedic sapphic representation, I set out to create something so profoundly relatable that it makes you want to cover your ears in horror because it's just a bit too real.


This show is a love letter to my community – something which truly represents the chaos (aka gay panic) living in our minds.

The Gay Disaster Journey So Far

The first chords of Diary of a Gay Disaster were struck at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, where it passionately resonated  with both the audience and the performers. Encouraged by this response, the show made its way to the King's Head Pub Theatre for a 9-show run, which completely sold out as the show was gathering hype. After getting a few 5 star reviews, our tipping point came when a song from the show, "Is She Queer or Just a Hipster?", shared on TikTok, catapulted us into a cheeky viral moment.

The overwhelming support from our community has been both heartwarming and affirming. After almost a year of anticipation as we continued writing and revamping, the calls for more performances grew louder, drawing us to plan something bigger. Thus, securing a spot at the incredible Edinburgh Fringe with Underbelly was a dream come true—a chance to bring our silly little show to a more global stage.

Being Unhinged at the Eddy Fringe

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is known to be a beacon for creative expression and authentic, personal stories, attracting audiences from around the world and providing a platform unlike any other. To showcase Diary of a Gay Disaster for the entire month at the festival is an opportunity to reach many more hearts and expand the challenging conversations around the queer (specifically sapphic) experience.


However, such an opportunity comes with its financial realities. To be an artist at the Edinburgh Fringe has never been more expensive, and from securing the venue to covering high costs of accommodation, each aspect of the production requires funding. Being a brand new theatre company, we have absolutely no funds behind us. Our goal is to raise £5,000, which is not our budget total, but will help to alleviate some of the following pressures:

  • Venue Costs: We have secured a venue with the Underbelly which comes with lots of costs.
  • Accommodation and Travel: Ensuring our team have somewhere to stay and a way of getting up to Edinburgh.
  • Rehearsals and Production Costs: Renting rehearsal spaces, producing backing tracks, and fairly compensating our creatives for their work.
  • Costumes, Set, and Props: Bringing the necessary visual elements of our show to life.
  • Technical Aspects: Like microphones so you can hear the dulcet tones of our gay disasters.

A lot of UK Arts Funding specifically does not cover Edinburgh Fringe runs, so it's difficult to secure financial support but we are committed to actively fundraising through other means like hosting a cabaret and selling merchandise.

How Can You Help?

To make this all possible, we're turning to you—our community, our supporters, and anyone passionate about fostering the voice of sapphic people in the arts. By backing Diary of a Gay Disaster, you’re not just helping to fund a show; you’re uplifting a story which celebrates the humour, complexity, and (lets be real) total and utter confusion of queer lives.

Rewards for Your Support: In gratitude for your generosity, we offer a range of rewards. From discounted tickets and branded merchandise to exclusive prints, each contribution brings us closer to our Fringe dream.


Diary of a Gay Disaster is a fun comedy musical; but it's also driving a movement towards more authentic and joyful representation for our community. Join us on this exciting journey to the Edinburgh Fringe—support, share, and help us turn this gay dream into a dazzling disaster!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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The Gay Panic Award

A personalised poster signed by the cast featuring their terrible neurodivergent handwriting!

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The Gay Pining Award

A personalised poster signed by the cast PLUS a limited edition art print designed by our very own artist.

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The Baby Gay Award

A personalised poster signed by the cast PLUS a free Diary of a Gay Disaster merch t-shirt.

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The Gayotic Mess Award

A personalised poster signed by the cast, a limited edition art print designed by our artist PLUS access to exclusive (and top secret!) content from the show before our launch at the Fringe.

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The Gay Disgrace Award

Our composer Rachael will write a personal song just for YOU based on any prompt of your choosing. It could be a topic you've always wished there was a song about, or simply a song dedicated to your absolute slayage.

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The Gay Icon Award

Full sponsorship status, with a ‘thanks to our sponsor’ message on ALL marketing materials including your name/organisation name and logo. True gay icon status.

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The Gay Legend Award

Full sponsorship status, with a ‘thanks to our sponsor’ message on ALL marketing materials including your name/organisation name and logo. PLUS a private hire performance for your event.

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The Gay Disaster Award

A personalised poster signed by the cast, a free Diary of a Gay Disaster merch t-shirt PLUS two free tickets to a show of your choice (dates subject to availability).

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