Van Gogh Find Yourself The Film

by Walter Michael DeForest in Morecambe, England, United Kingdom

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Adapt my powerful, inspiring show about Vincent into a movie to share with the world. Touching on the themes of kindness, instinct and love.

by Walter Michael DeForest in Morecambe, England, United Kingdom

#VGFY 2020 Edinburgh Virtual Fringe

I am offering a free show during the EdFringe everyday during the month of August. I am doing 90 shows (3 a day*) in August and 1 free show everyday at 12 Noon (BST). The reason for 3 shows a day, is to give everyone around the world a chance to experience Vincent's story and spirit. 

During the Pandemic I offered my Experience, 3 times a day for $1.00 US. These affordable Experiences gave people a reason to stay inside while creating beauty. #VGFY received over 200 5-Star Reviews. 

There are paid shows available as well, you can see all show dates by clicking on this


*August 10th there are no performances as I am breaking the World Record for Most Portraits in 12 Hours for the 5th year in a row to raise awareness of mental health and funds for Support in Mind Scotland.

#vgfy EdFringe History

I have been performing and evolving the show for the past 5 years at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival as part of The PBH  Free Fringe. I continue in the same spirit this year.

In offering my show for free, I have heard over the years,  from some people, that I may be taken advantage of or that free shows are "not as good". In defense of the free shows and PBH, my 1st EdFringe in 2016, The PBH Free Fringe represented Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner, Richard Gadd – Monkey See Monkey Do. 

I believe that, if the show is worth it, people will pay. As Vincent believed that someday people will see that his works were worth much more than the paint and the canvas they were painted on. "“I can't change the fact that my paintings don't sell. But the time will come when people will recognize that they are worth more than the value of the paints used in the picture.” -Vincent


Sharing Vincent's story with people, who may not be able to afford the price of a show parallels Vincent's philosophy on life. I've been shown through this process that there are things in life that are more important than money. 

Creating,  making connections with people, are so much more valuable to me and the in the end, the work will speak for itself.

  • #VGFY Review 2016 American Theatre "This show didn’t have the same buzz as certain festival hits like Counting Sheep or Us/Them, probably because it didn’t seem to have the producerial muscle or institutional support of those shows". 

Vincent Willem Van Gogh gave so much to the world with his art. I wanted to live and breathe in the same philosophy That is why performing in a basement of The Natural Food Kafe and offering the show for free with PBH made total sense to me. The magic and art that's discovered in my show has changed  both me and the punters, who have returned to see the show over and over again. 

2019  Taylor saw the show 4 times:  "I have been talking to Walter for about 3 months now, he is a wonderful human and his show is the best van Gogh show out there. I have been to the show 4 times this year and I just think its wonderful I like how you can make art while learning about Vincent's life I definitely recommend this show to everybody".

I have always been pushing the boundaries of theatre and storytelling. In my 2nd year of fringe I was Shortlisted for the Sustainability award because I thought it a waste for people to print posters and postcards.

2017 Audience Review: Clive Ramage: "The wonderful thing about Van Gogh is that his story gives all struggling artists a great sense of hope. That all the work and hardship will someday be worthwhile. #VGFY brings Vincent's story to life before your eyes like no book or documentary can. Warm, inspiring and very touching".

Creating together in a nonjudgmental way allows us to tap into the artist within us all.  The Experience with Vincent lives far beyond the hour we spend together and the art creating reveals that there is a story behind every painting.

Please join Vincent and I and create something wonderful together

Van Gogh Find Yourself The Film

My vision is to go back with my UK producer Matt Panesh, and follow Vincent's footsteps in Belgium and France. We will be making a film based on Vincent's achievements struggles and life creating something beautiful for the world to see and feel.

The personal and professional connections I have made in England, Scotland Belgium and France will allow me to film in the iconic places where Vincent lived, traveled and created his legacy.

Here is a news piece from the Belgium News with VGFY  in June 2019

I share connections with Vincent I was afraid to share as I wanted the show to speak for itself.

Walter's connections with Vincent:

Walter was birthday is Wednesday 30th of July.                   

Vincent was buried on Wednesday 30th of July.

Walter was born with a hole in his heart.                            

Vincent died with a bullet on his heart.

Vincent was the 1st of 6 children.                                            

Walter was the 6th of 6 children.

23 Characters and 4 words in our names:

Vincent Willem Van Gogh                                           

Walter Michael DeForest

DeForest translates to From The Forest.                       

Nickname for Vincent The Fool From The Forest, while he lived in the Borinage.

Walter looks like Vincent and gets asked for photos when he  is attending Museums.

Mental health and the struggle of an artist.

One of the universal themes I will touch on in the film is mental health. In my performance, my life and  #VGFY is the thread of art and mental health. To raise awareness for mental health I use art.  I break the world record each year during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The world record and my show open up a much needed conversation on this subject matter as well as resources for Support in Mind Scotland.

Another themes in #VGFY is "to support an artist while they are alive". It seems odd, but many artists struggle with financials and I am putting this vision to the test.

Please help me complete my dream in adapting the moving theatrical piece #VGFY into film reality. This film touches on the human spirit, the power of kindness, following and trusting your instincts.

I have been in NYC for 20 years, working many years in theatre, performance, training and honing the creative process. 

You can read over the 200 touching, 5 Star reviews on AirBnB of my 2020 Online world wide tour for the Pandemic. Over 200 5 star reviews in 3 months for #VGFY 2020

You can see I am on the brink of something special that will make a world wide impact on people, artists alike, finding the heart in our art and the connection we all share.

EDINBURGH 2019 Audience Reviews

Audience Reviews 2019:

Anna Johnson

What a wonderful experience! I went to see Vincent Van Gogh on Saturday 23rd August with my Mum. We both came away feeling incredibly moved and inspired. Evident how much research went into the making of this show. And how much love. Easily one our favourite experiences of the Fringe.  If ever you find yourself looking for a truly immersive performance, we couldn't recommend this one more. Keep doing what you're doing Walter, it's wonderful!!!

No Proscenium April 2019::  

Winner of the marketing award in the 2018 Orlando Fringe Festival

Winner of the Inaugural Spirit of The Fringe in the Cincy Fringe 2018.

Shortlist for the Edinburgh Fringe Sustainable Practice Award 2017: the award for sustainability at the world’s largest arts festival.


*August 10th there are no performances as I am breaking the World Record for Most Portraits in 12 Hours for the 5th year in a row to raise awareness of mental health and funds for Support in Mind Scotland.


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£100 Friend of Vincent's

Shout out on Social Media and a portrait painting on paper mailed to you.

£1,000 or more

Associate Producer Credit on the Film.

A Special thank you will be added in the credits. You will get links to view rough edits and inside access to pre-filming production and on set production as well as private Screener links.

£5,000 or more

Yellow House 5000

You are providing housing for Vincent . You will receive a Painting on Canvas. You will be invited to private screeners in person and online.

£10,000 or more

Patron of the arts.

You will receive a signed copy of the film, poster and a portrait. You will get a role in the film. You will receive all private links to the media in pre-production, production and post production.

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