Flamenco for Communities Scotland Tour Fringe 2020

by TuFlamenco in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

We did it
On 1st September 2020 we successfully raised £219 with 9 supporters in 28 days

In a year of such hardship we aim to bring Flamenco to the Scottish community reaching individuals within healthcare & educational settings.

by TuFlamenco in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom


TuFlamenco, as a company, focuses on two main fields: education and performance. Our company was founded in 2018 by Inma Montero and Danielo Olivera after many years of experience working in Scotland for other companies. 

The Flamenco Academy

1596310616_img_3527.jpg1596497178_tuflamenco.com_.png The Academy is based in Edinburgh but we also provide classes in different Scottish cities, such as Dundee, Glasgow, Perth and Aberdeen amongst others. TuFlamenco’s passion, love and dedication for this art is contagious and it has grown very quickly and successfully and we love trying to make a difference to the lives of our young, and not that young flamenco lovers. We see them blossom and grow in confidence and ability, with many becoming ‘obsessed’ by these activities!

The Concerts & Productions

TuFlamenco, as a live performances and show production company has successfully delivered many shows,some of them premiered and performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in previous awarded. Our artists have been taken part in this festival for more than a decade having been awarded with 5***** reviews in many opportunities. In fact, our experiences at the Fringe have played a key role in our decision to create TuFlamenco in 2018 and produce our own shows.


Artists & Productions 


Although TuFlamenco is co-directed by Inma & Danielo themselves they are accompanied by an amazing group of well-known artists from all over the world who have been working with them on different projects and who will also take part in this project. 

Our audiences love the variety of our shows and quality of this family of artists we have gathered thanks to the many artistic adventures we have had through the years.

The Purpose of this Fundraising 

The idea behind this project is to offer a series of events and rewards that will help us gather funds that will be used to bring our activities, workshops, classes and live performances to individuals within the health care and educational settings based all around Scotland at no cost. We aim to reach as many hospitals, community centres, care homes and primary schools as possible targeting areas don't normally have access to these sort of activities. 

This idea is born as a result of the experience in the outreach sector that we have accumulated since 2006 visiting many different organizations. We believe that art can improve the lives of our communities especially in light of the recent Covid-19 crisis. 

We are privileged to have a virtual platform such as this online edition of the Fringe and we want to use this opportunity to share the artform with the Scottish community. 

We would like to tour around Scotland during the next year bringing free activities to various areas creating a circuit of locations in the hopes of continuing this as a new tradition in the future.  


How we will DO IT

The money raised will help to pay the fees and expenses of the group of artists & teachers involved in each part of the tour. The money raised will help to pay for petrol, expenses, food, wages of artists and obviously, some coffee along the road and in between places to keep the spirits up!


Once the campaign has finalized, we will make accesible to everyone on our website (www.tuflamenco.com) the detailed plan of action that we will set out to accomplish thanks to your donations. More information can be provided as well via email upon request. We will also update our website and social media after each of our visits sharing with you the result of the activities.

All funds pledged will help us in bringing this dream to live, a dream we hope will carry on a yearly basis allowing us to share our future Fringe productions with other areas of Scotland unable to enjoy the Festival otherwise.   

1596311372_img_4038.jpgThe success of the project as well as the distance we will be able to cover relies entirely on your support. We will begin planning as soon as the fundraising finalises and we will begin delivering the project as soon as it is safe to do so following all government health and safety advise.

Remember you can keep up with our activities following our website www.tuflamenco.com where you will find all our info regarding our flamenco academy, the activities, the projects and you can find interesting information.


About this fundraising

To thank those who make a donation, we have put together a few very special rewards that we hope will show how much we appreciate your help to raise the funds so that we can deliver these special experiences all around this great nation which probably needs a little bit of extra care during these complicated times.

Thank you all for taking the time to read about our campaign and if you decided to believe with us in this project we promise you won't regret it. 

Keep the good and magical moments coming to your life and don’t let anything stop you from the joy and being kind to one another. 

Big loves to you all.

TuFlamenco Family


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

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Live and intimate Concert with Inma & Danielo

Have Inma & Danielo for an intimate concert of 1 hour where you’ll listen an interesting repertoire of some beautiful Spanish and English songs of different styles. We'll bring quite special sounds for you where you can just relax or even participate clapping alongside. Treat yourself for a unique session right at your place. As we are based in Edinburgh that's where we'll go. If is somewhere else it'll be a live concert just the online version.

£20 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Flamenco Clapping Classes (Online Groups Max 5)

You'll have an online class of 1 hour with a group of 5 people maximun of Flamenco clapping & compas (rhythm). Through the art of clapping, you will learn some theoretical aspects, different clapping techniques, the offbeat techniques, and how it works within the flamenco style of your choice. We could focus on technique, styles or simply focus on exercises for you to develop a routine. All Fridays in October 19:00-20:00pm

£20 or more

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Flamenco Singing Classes (Online Groups Max 5)

You'll have an online class with a group of 5 people maximun of 1 hour of Flamenco singing. You will learn some theoretical aspects, typical techniques, some theory about the main flamenco styles and we’ll work on different approaches to lyrics. Once you choose this class you can decide which style you'll like to focus on. Consult us about it if in doubt. You'll have lots of fun. All Thursdays in October 19:00-20:00pm (other date if agreed)

£20 or more

´Flamenco Tablao´ Concert EdFringe 2019

Also we have decided to give the opportunity to watch one of the concerts we recorded last Edinburgh Fringe 2019: our popular ‘Flamenco Tablao’. Prepare yourself for a genuine & raw flamenco performance, full of emotion, passion and quality with our favourite crew always bringing five stars. Watch the concert with your friends from your sofa clapping & shouting ole and ole!

£20 or more

0 of 1 claimed

LIVE CONCERT ´Flamenco Tablao´: Saturday 29th 8pm

Join us in our live show ‘Flamenco Tablao’. A must see for anyone who loves Spanish culture and the skills of dance and pure flamenco made with passion, love and discipline. Be prepared to immerse into the passionate and penetrating flamenco voices, accompanied by technically brilliant master flamenco guitarist and lots of powerful and elegant dancing and some surprises.Watch the concert with your friends from your sofa clapping & shouting y Ole!

£35 or more

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Flamenco Dance Classes Online (1to1).

You will have a flamenco class, one to one or group class, via online, and focusing on any of the options you will choose later on at any level. Speak with us once you booked and tell us what style you want. Classes will be imparted in 12 or in 4 beats. To be delivered at a time arranged with you.

£50 or more

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Get your own song personalised (flamenco and non)

Do you have a poem or some lyrics or feelings you'd like to put in to a song? Do you want those words to be translated and immersed in one tune that we'll create for you? Maybe just a cover or just a version of a song that you love and you'll like a flamenco version personalised? Or perhaps a flamenco song or particular style with meaningful lyrics to you. Let your imagination fly and please consult us, there are many possible options. MP3 / WAV

£100 or more

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Learn how to dance Sevillanas (with/without pal)

Learn how to dance sevillanas (feria style)! You can join this online class on your own or with a pal. Groups will not be more than 5 .Classes will take place in all Saturdays of October 12 to 1pm. Get prepared to have so much fun!

£100 or more

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Flamenco Dance Classes Online (Group)

You will have a flamenco class, group class, via online, and focusing on any of the options you will choose later on at any level. Speak with us once you booked and tell us what style you want. Classes will be imparted in 12 or in 4 beats. To be delivered on all Saturdays in October at 11am.

£250 or more

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Get Your Own Flamenco Choreography

Get your own choreography on any flamenco style. It will be 6 minutes long in any style of your preference. Bloke of 10 classes of 1 hour one to one online. You'll have until April 2021 to use them.

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