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by David Martin in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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We've been pursuing Mother's story for 7 years. A tale that started at Edinburgh Fringe in 2017 and with your help can end there in 2024.

by David Martin in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

“..gripping ..funny ..dark. Emma Smart is simply marvellous.”

★★★★★ Backstage Bristol

“..a deeply personal experience that will shock and unsettle ..”

★★★★ StageTalk Magazine

Why are we crowdfunding? Mother is an intensely emotional experience. An original, fast-paced and unsettling one-woman drama. A story of joy, motherhood, adversity and eventually, un-utterable tragedy. A woman's story - a mother's for sure. And it must be seen and heard. The audience at the Alma Theatre in Bristol, where Mother had its preview performances, told us, one after another, "Mother has to be seen by many more people". And that's where you come in. We need your help! 

We want to bring the play to stage at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2024. Not only has it got enormous potential to succeed, but its destiny is in Edinburgh. That's because Molly and her story have history there.

How is it unique? Formed in 2016, Softsod Productions has been pursuing Molly’s story for seven years. It is the third part of a trilogy. A compelling story which started with Fragile Man (EdFringe 2017 ~ Pick of the Fringe), developed through UnSpoken (EdFringe 2018) and now seeks final resolution in Mother. One story. Three plays. Yet it stands alone - a twisting story of love and loss - 50 minutes of extremely satisfying theatre. It would seem wrong not to end its journey where it started at the Fringe and every donation, no matter how small, will help realise that dream. 

What's it about? The drama's darker undertones are hidden beneath the cover of great joy and laugh-out-loud humour. Molly is overheating and can’t remember a damn thing. But with a little help from her family, a superb soundtrack and the courage only a mother knows, she slowly recalls her incredible story. A tale of lust, lies, Liebfraumilch and the dawning of a proper bleeding miracle. A story that must be heard. We would therefore be so grateful if you would consider supporting this crowdfunding appeal. 

Backstage Bristol said "Emma Smart is simply marvellous."  Her portrayal of Molly is both captivating and deeply moving.  You cannot take your eyes off her.  And she is not just Molly on stage. She's also Frank, Lydia, Aaron, Peggy, Beatrice Brown and so many more. Captured beautifully as central characters amidst the rich and disturbing tapestry that surrounds Molly's life. A life she once adored and now finds alien and disjointed. A life she desperately wishes to escape.

Does it have a message? It's a play with many messages raising the profile of the struggle so many have with poor mental health and the devastating impacts of increasingly prevalent and disturbing levels of domestic abuse.

Drawing on his experiences of working in mental health services and with those who have suffered trauma and detachment, writer and director David Martin is keen to raise the profile of what it is to be marginalised, excluded and maltreated. He creates characters who brim with disaffection and turmoil and Molly is no exception. Under the cover of laugh out loud humour and endearing humility, she is lost, vulnerable and yet unbelievably resilient. Her tale of motherhood, mayhem and the unstoppable crumbling of all that she has ever known, is both captivating and deeply moving. 

How can you help? We are looking to raise half of the total cost - £5,000 - to bring Mother to stage at the Fringe. This will fund two things. Firstly it will fund the £3,900 for the studio in which to perform for the month (2nd - 24th August). We will be performing at the amazing theSpaceUK's Triplex Studio. A perfectly intimate 62-seater in the heart of the Fringe, part of the Surgeon's Hall hub, within minutes of George Square, the Pleasance and the Royal Mile. But even with such a central location, it's hard to get the audiences through the door, such is the competition from the bigger players. Softsod Productions remains small, independent and with no other budget than the money it raises itself. It's hard to be heard over the din of our noisier, funded neighbours. The remaining £1,100 will therefore be used on a targeted marketing campaign. One that raises our profile. One that gets Mother and the wonderful actor Emma Smart the attention they richly deserve. To finish what what we started in 2017. 

So we are giving back too. Half of everything we fundraise over our target £5,000 will be donated to our chosen partner charities The Calm Zone, the campaign against living miserably and White Ribbon, campaigning to end male violence against women. The more we can raise for EdFringe, the more we can support these amazing charities. Please give what you can. Thank you!!


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